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Certificate of Participation- Guinness World Records 2016

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IML has partnered with Unilever’s Comfort and Omo on their largest campaign of the year, “Share a Touch of Love”, for the last 5 years. The success of the campaign has seen the initiative grow on a tremendous scale to the point that in the last three years, we have won one of the most sought after accolades three times in a row, the celebrated Guinness World Record.

Each year, Unilever has accredited IML with more and more responsibility for the logistical management of the campaign and in 2016 we were given the 360 degree management of all aspects of the project.

Continuing the success in the UAE and expanding the campaign into Qatar for the first time enabled us to reach more than 65 outlets across malls, stores and community centers. Partnerships with Splash and Careem Cars also gave further weight to the campaign.

Contending against much competition in 2016, IML and Unilever set the new record at 295,122 clothes collected for a charitable campaign on behalf of Red Crescent.

IML Operations Team Responsibilities

  • Logistics of all deliveries
  • Collection and delivery of clothes
  • Constant availability of samples
  • Co-packing of samples
  • Supervision of promoters
  • Warehousing
  • Reporting and management

The campaign was a huge success almost doubling the previous years' results!

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